March 11, 2013

Anyone Still Out There?

Oh hello there blog. Missed you. After my little false start, I swear I won't forget you again.
What have I been up to these past few months? Life looks better via instagram, so here goes...
A picturesque white Christmas in PA.
Made some progress on Project Philly over the holidays.
So happy with how these chairs turned out!
Getaway to Fort Laudredale to visit Donna.

Took a painting class in FLL. Lindsey
and Rachel played by the rules...
Donna and I were feeling a little stifled.
This happened.
So happy I finally made it up to Boston to visit Claire!
Drooled over every single item in Hudson.
Julie looked glam while eating some lo mien.

Home for a brief moment.
Can't wait to get back to working on some design related posts. It's been way to long.


  1. I'll always be here :) mom

  2. I'm so glad you're back!!! -Claire


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